Katie’s Mommy

Twenty five years ago, I was blessed with this sweet princess and given the honor to be called Mommy. I have loved every year and each stage of her growing up and I am thankful I get to celebrate Mother’s Day Weekend with Katie Kingrey! And she sends the best flowers…always unique and full of thoughtful blooms. This one is overflowing with Virginia’s state flower – the dogwood, along with allium, cabbage roses, peonies, ranunculus, eucalyptus and a couple of gorgeous, ruffled surprises that I don’t know. Thank you, Katie & Taylor! If you want something informally elegant and often organically, garden grown, call our friend Kaci Lee at her shoppe, Damsel Floral.



The Underhorse

A week or so before the Kentucky Derby I have always read reviews and researched the horses to see who I would be cheering for. Yesterday, as I was scrolling through Facebook, one of my favorite pages popped up, Albemarle Magazine. Here was this story of a Derby contender named Patch. His odds are 40-1 and he’s the underdog – or underhorse I guess fits better. He has only one eye due to an infection last year. Since I’ve had no vision in my left eye for over 25 years now, I can relate to not letting those obstacles stand in his way. This year, my decision is an easy one. Who else could I cheer for this Saturday? Beautiful Patch is my choice!

Hoping Patch will make a “Soulful Strut.”