Ball Point Pen

Today, the sad division in our country, COVID & COVID’s effects on people I’ve known personally, social restrictions, masks, longing for a road trip home to Virginia…I think, disrespect & hatred, destruction of our beautiful country, and as an EXTREME EXTROVERT – really missing my friends, my polo family – oh how I miss y’all, and the lack of long sincere embraces has finally gotten to me and taken its toll.

Last evening I tuned out of my nightly ritual of TV news and social media scrolls, and watched an hour+ long interview between Billy Joel and Don Henley from four years ago. I love to write and it was so refreshing to hear two 70 year old artists, especially Henley, talk about his writing process, growing up in Texas, his work ethic, and his respect for his high school English teacher. And, he was an English major in college. He said that when he writes – he actually writes – no electronic notes. His choice of words was a ball point pen. Who even uses that reference for a pen these days? Everything about his storytelling style, his emotion, his thoughts, his mannerisms, watching the wheels turn, moved me. He is a deep thinker. He loves Thoreau and Emerson.  The encouraging reality is that they both seem to have unfinished business and more music inside them yet to be heard. After watching this, as well as having just watched three Eagles concerts on ESPN last week, I feel somewhat revived. I’m ready to write again…from all of those thoughts I tuck away in my mental box – and color note, of course.
#ThankYouDonHenley #MyFavoriteEagle #ILoveYouJustTheWayYouAre #Memories
#WritersBlock #Enough #BallpointPen




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