They’re Like Cousins


Not only do we have billions of them attracted to our patio, they LOVE me! We use a Dyna Trap that has been plugged in since April, we use an incense coil, we have citronella and cedarwood oil burning in year round torches, an oil lantern that sits on our party bar, citronella candle votives EVERYWHERE, Kristen Nauss’ Arizona magic, and the added addition of diffusing citronella YL oil plugged in on the side table, white socks (oh yes, very attractive but they prevent my feet and ankles from being eaten alive) along with long sleeved shirts, and I can actually sit out for happy hour and conversation for a few hours…with only a few bites! And did I mention that West Nile is rampant in Michigan! #TryMyStrategy  #YesIDoThisRoutineEveryEvening #CocktailsAtHome #DamnCOVIDAdvertisements


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