Downtown Staunton Architecture

When I have some time alone, I love to come to Downtown Staunton and stroll through memory lane in this picturesque college town. The building where Shenandoah Pizza is, was an adorable little boutique – Chez Marie. Pretty, white fixtures and thick, plush, hot pink carpeting is what greeted you inside. I was lucky enough to work there for a couple of years back in the day. I learned so much, from New York and Charlotte NC buying trips to creating exciting window displays. Lots of classic sportswear of the time – tartan plaid wrap & kilt skirts, cable cardigan sweaters, monogrammed blouses, turtlenecks, fair isle sweaters, navy blazers, espadrilles, khaki jumpers…actually, khaki everything and shell belt buckles galore! A preppy girl’s Heaven on Earth. But the architecture of this building is captivating, regardless of the business. I’ve always loved the stone florets that adorn the front. If you live here or come home for a visit, check out this lovely building.  And treat yourself to the best pizza in town!


Photo Credit: Dana Kingrey – Downtown Staunton – Saturday Evening, October 8, 2016

One thought on “Downtown Staunton Architecture

  1. Donna H. Gum says:

    This was Marden Press after Chez Marie closed. I liked Chez Marie as well particularly their jewelry and sweaters.

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