Ice Skating

macarthur-on-iceWhen I was growing up we would order books from a paper flyer known as Scholastic Club. There was one in particular that has stayed with me through the years. I read it in 6th or 7th grade I think. Although I don’t recall much of the story, the points that stand out the most were the following: A young teen romance where the boy and girl “liked” each other. It was set during wintertime and an ice skating pond is the backdrop. At that innocent time in my life I made a correlation between, winter, ice skating and romance – and it has stuck with me through the years. I grew up in a quaint, small town where there was a beautiful park – Gypsy Hill Park – and there was a pond where everyone would go to ice skate. My cousin, and dear friend still today, Sarah, was a couple of years older than me and we would walk from our houses to the pond where most of the kids were her older friends. I thought this experience was just about the coolest things in the world in my twelve to thirteen year old mind. I would see the beginnings of sweet relationships and yearn for the day that I was old enough to get a first kiss, to have someone hold my hand while we skated and to wrap his arms around me to keep me warm. To this day, I love ice skating scenes in movies, novels, songs, etc. My favorite is Robert Downey Jr. singing River in a Christmas episode of Ally McBeal a few years back…and as I type a few years back, I surprisingly realize that it’s been almost 15 years back since that episode – WOW! His voice, his style, his rendition of this song really touches my soul. James Taylor’s voice does it beautiful justice too on his Christmas album. As for movies, of course there is the most handsome man ever, Cary Grant, ice skating with Loretta Young in The Bishop’s Wife. His charm and his style put ice skating romance on the map! The remake of that movie, The Preacher’s Wife, with Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston bring that scene into more contemporary times with their chemistry. One last movie is Serendipity, with wonderful skating scenes at Rockefeller Centre. I guess I could go on and on, but quite simply, that youthful time in my life of skating at the park and reading that little paperback book, though not detailed, have made a life-long impression on me. This year, as I was Santa shopping for my sweet Miss Katie, I saw an Alex & Ani bracelet with an ice skate. I bought it for myself, and I love it!

Alex and Ani  Ice Skate

Alex and Ani
Ice Skate


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